What's New

New publications regarding Morgantina as well as papers, conferences, and other events.

  •     2016:

Gold Medal Colloquium in Honor of Malcolm Bell, II, annual meeting of the AIA, Jan. 7. 2016

  •     2015:

Morgantina @ 60, a colloquium at the annual meeting of the AIA, Jan. 10, 2015

Morgantina 1955-2015, 60 years of excavations in Sicily; Rome, Swedish Institute, Oct. 14, 2015

Mostra documentaria: “Morgantina, dalla città di pietra alla sua immagine virtuale”(Morgantina and ancient science), Museo di Morgantina, Nov. 28

“Scienca nell’Antico/Scienza per l’Antico (including papers on topics related to Morgantina), Museo di Morgantina,  Nov. 13-14 (related exhibition above)

  •   2014:

Oct. 8: Museo di Morgantina: Progetto Argenti. Nuovi dati sugli argenti della casa di Eupolemos a Morgantina

 Jul. 4-6: Museo di Morgantina:  “LA GEOARCHEOLOGIA COME CHIAVE DI LETTURA PER UNO SVILUPPO SOSTENIBILE DEL TERRITORIO”. Papers were contributed by Sandra Lucore (“La Tecnologia Idraulica a Morgantina: Le Terme Nord e le Terme Sud”) and by Alex Walthall, who also gave a tour on the site.

  •  2013-2014:

Exhibition at Capitoline Museum, Rome: “Archimede. Arte e scienza dell’invenzione” (contributions by Malcolm Bell and Sandra Lucore; North Baths and Archimedes collaborative project with Sandra Lucore, Erik Thorkildsen, and researchers from the Galileo Museum of the History of Science, Florence)

  •  2013:

    Publication of Greek Baths and Bathing Culture: New Discoveries and Approaches, Sandra K. Lucore and Monika Trümper, eds. (BABESCH Suppl. 23, 2013)

  •  2012:

    Geophysical survey of three areas (Contrada Agnese, Agora, Cittadella) carried out by a team from the University of Cologne; organized by Sandra Lucore and Monika Trümper in April

    Lecture Series at the Museo di Morgantina: Storie di Storia in fall

             Getty opens exhibition of loaned objects from Morgantina related to worship of Demeter & Persephone

  • 2011:

            Malcolm Bell and Sandra Lucore talk about the North Baths at the Getty

  • 2010:

            American Academy at Rome conference on Greek baths & bathing (S. Lucore,  M. Truemper)