Morgantina and the town of Aidone can be reached in an hour’s drive from the airport at Catania, and is approximately 2.5 hrs. from Palermo (depending on traffic). It is very possible to combine a visit to the site and museum with one to the Imperial Roman villa at Piazza Armerina, about 15 min. from Aidone. The provincial capital, Enna, is 45 min. by car and well worth visiting as well.

Aidone was founded the the Normans in the 11th c. CE and has a number of interesting churches; the countryside is still quite rural.

An information page on how to reach Aidone (in Italian) is here.

An annotated aerial map of the town, with routes in and out and parking places, is here.

A PDF of the site itself with suggested itinerary is here.