Visit & Contact

The site of Morgantina is now a regional archaeological park, which can be visited year round. Maps are available at the site (and on the museum and park website, maintained by the Soprintendenza BB CC AA at Enna) and there are signs identifying the major buildings and features.

The museum is in the town of Aidone, a short drive from the site.  Tickets to visit both are 10 Euros, or you may visit the site or the museum only for 6 Euros. More information (in Italian) is available here. On-line ticketing is promised soon.

The site involves uneven paths and some uphill walking. Allow at least an hour to visit the city center (agora) and immediate surroundings, longer to explore the site more fully. The museum takes at least an hour to visit and appreciate.

Museum telephone: 011 + 39 +  0935 87307 (Italian spoken)

The American team is usually at work during some parts of June, July and August of each year, and sporadically at other times. We are unable to answer general questions, give tours of the site or museum, etc. during the season.

Specific inquiries about our research may be addressed to There is no guarantee of a timely reply! We thank you for your interest and understanding.