Remote sensing returns to Morgantina

In recent years the only remote sensing has been by ‘clandestini’ equipped with metal detectors, the bane of archaeologists nearly everywhere.

In March, 2012, a team led by Michael Heinzelmann (Köln) came to Morgantina to conduct a program of geophysical survey with a view to investigating further the city plan in areas not yet excavated. The results will be submitted to Hesperia for publication this summer in an article co-authored by Prof. Heinzelmann, Sandra Lucore, Monika Truemper, Malcolm Bell, and Carla Antonaccio.

This effort is the first time since Hugh Allen conducted magnetometry survey in the 1970s on the Cittadella that located tombs of the Iron Age and Archaic periods.

Malcolm Bell, William Childs, Shelley Stone, Barbara Tsakirgis 1979

In late 70s balloon photography was done on the site, and in the 1950s the first maps were based on post-war aerial photography.