Prehistoric Morgantina

The territory around Morgantina was inhabited from the Paleolithic, but the earliest evidence from the site itself is perhaps Neolithic, and the only sure signs of habitation are Early Bronze Age.

Robert Leighton (University of Edinburgh) has published both Morgantina Studies IV: The Protohistoric Settlement on the Cittadella (Princeton 1993) and a new book on the most important of the Iron Age longhouses, discovered by Princeton in the 1960s but only fully excavated and studied now. His summary account of his findings at Morgantina is here.

Robert Leighton
Prehistoric Houses at Morgantina. Excavations on the Cittadella of Morgantina in Sicily 1989-2004
Specialist Studies on Italy 15
ISBN 978-1873415368Contents

Part 1: Excavation & Reconstruction
Part 2: Finds Reports and Analyses
Part 3: Settlement and Territory in Later Prehistory
Part 4: Finds Catalogue