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John Kenfield, back in the day

John Kenfield  John Kenfield is associate professor of art  history at Rutgers University. His publications deal with material ranging from the Geometric through the Middle Byzantine cultural phases, but his main interest has centered on architectural sculpture in terra cotta produced in the Greek colonies in southern Italy and Sicily. He is publishing the architectural terracottas from Morgantina from the Archaic through Hellenistic periods. This is an examination of the roofs of all phases of the site, directed principally towards the decorative elements, but also includes a discussion of the utilitarian tiles.

Publications by the author on the material:

“An East Greek Master Coroplast at Late Archaic Morgantina” Hesperia 59 (1990) 265-274, pls. 43-46.

“A Modelled Terracotta Frieze from Archaic Morgantina: Its East Greek and Central Italic Affinities” Deliciae Fictiles (Stockholm 1993) 21-28.

“The Case for a Phokaian Presence at Morgantina as Evidenced by the Site's Archaic Architectural Terracottas” Varia  Anatolica III (Paris 1993) 261-269.

“High Classical and High Baroque in the Architectural Terracottas of Morgantina” Hesperia, suppl.  XXVII (Princeton 1994) 275-281.

“Technical Variety in the Archaic Architectural Terracottas of Morgantina” in R. Knoop, P. Lulof and E. Moorman (eds.) Deliciae Fictiles II (Amsterdam  1997) 115-120.

Archaic sima from Farmhouse Hill


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