Ingrid Edlund-Berry

Ingrid Edlund-Berry is Professor emerita in the Department of Classics, The University of Texas at Austin

She is currently in the process of updating her manuscript on the Central Sanctuary in the Agora at Morgantina. Previous publications relevant to the site include the following articles and notes:


  • “Morgantina:  ett möte mellan greker och sikuler,” Medusa 6:4 (1985) 30-37 (with appendix by Lars Karlsson, 36-37)
  • “The Central Sanctuary at Morgantina (Sicily) problems of interpretation and chronology,” Scienze dell’Antichità Storia Archeologia Antropologia 3-4 (1989-1990) 327-338
  • “The Central Sanctuary at Morgantina: Problems of Cult and Cult Space,” American Journal of Archaeology 96:2 (1992) 367
  •  “The Power of Cults and Sacred Spaces: The Interpretatio Romana of Sanctuaries in Southern Italy and Sicily,” Opuscula Romana XX (1996) 15-19
  •  “Votive Pottery at the Central Sanctuary at Morgantina,” in Ceramics in Context, Proceedings of the Internordic Colloquium on Ancient Pottery held at Stockholm, 13-15 June 1997, ed. Ch. Scheffer, Stockholm Studies in Classical Archaeology, 12 (Stockholm 2001) 71-75
  •  “Erik Sjöqvist: svensk arkeolog och internationell forskare vid Princeton University,” Romhorisont43 (2003) 7-11
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