Erik Thorkildsen

At the North Baths, June 2007

Erik Thorkildsen is the Chief Architect of the Morgantina Project.

Erik has been working at Morgantina since 1979, when Mac Bell's 1965 Volkswagen was the dig car, and we stored drinking water in terracotta amphorae.  Erik has done much of the site surveying, first with the Salmoiraghi theodolite, and more recently with the Trimble TS305 Total Station. He has produced the current city and site plan, incorporating surveying and the plans of individual buildings by numerous other architects.

In recent years, Erik has assisted in the excavations of the North Baths, drawing architectural fragments and plans of the building, and making reconstructions of its original design. He also designed the roof sheltering the North Baths, which was constructed in 2009.  In addition, he is currently working on the buildings of northern and central agora, making drawings for the forthcoming volume of Morgantina Studies on the Agora.

He graduated from the University of Virginia in 1983, and has been with architectural firm Michael Dennis & Associates since 1984, where he is Design Principal.  In 1999 he won The Gabriel Prize, a grant offered by the Western European Architecture Foundation for the study of French architecture and landscape design.