Carla M. Antonaccio

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACarla Antonaccio is co-director, with Malcolm Bell, American Excavations at Morgantina project, responsible for the Archaic settlement on the Cittadella, and for coordinating all research and publications on this part of the site. She has worked at Morgantina since 1990. The focus of her work and that of other scholars (Barletta, Kenfield, Neils, Stone, Walsh) is documenting, interpreting, and publishing the results of Princeton and University of Illinois excavations (1956-1971).

She was Chair of the Department of Classical Studies at Duke University from 2007-2014 and is serving as Vice President for Research and Academic Affairs of the Archaeological Institute of America. Before coming to Duke in 2005, she was Professor of Classical Studies at Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT) which supported her work at Morgantina for fifteen years.

The work at Morgantina has shifted Antonaccio's focus from the Greek Iron Age to questions of identity, ethnicity, and material culture; the archaeology of colonialism and colonization; and related issues.

Archaic Settlement, 1960s excavations (Princeton)

Articles related directly to Morgantina:

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She is coordinating and contributing to two planned volumes for the Morgantina Studies series:

Morgantina Studies IX.1: The Archaic Settlement (principal author and editor, with contributors J.Neils, J. Walsh, S. Stone, in preparation, Princeton University Press)

Morgantina Studies IX.2: Monumental Archaic Architecture (co-author with J. Kenfield, B. Barletta)