Alex Walthall

Alex Walthall received his doctorate from the Department of Art & Archaeology at Princeton University in 2013 with a dissertation entitled, “A Measured Harvest: Grain, Tithes, and Territories in Hellenistic and Roman Sicily (276-31 BCE),” a work which utilizes archaeological, numismatic, and epigraphic material as a means of documenting political consolidation and economic development in eastern Sicily from the rise of the Syracusan monarch Hieron II to the island’s absorption into the Roman empire.

Alex is  senior field supervisor for the American Excavations. He has been involved with the American Excavations at Morgantina since 2003, and he has served as a field supervisor since 2007, working on excavations both in the agora and the North Bath complex. In 2011, he directed a six-week excavation project in the West Granary, which was supported with funding from the Department of Art & Archaeology at Princeton University, as part of his dissertation research.  The project succeeded in recovering archaeological material that would assist in refining the chronology of the West Granary, one of two monumental storage buildings constructed in the city’s agora during the third century BCE.  The results of the 2011 season were incorporated into the dissertation.

Alex is currently collaborating with Malcolm Bell on the publication of the Central Shops, a suite of commercial establishments in the lower agora that was razed around the middle of the third century to accommodate the construction of the Great Stairs. Together with Tom Groves (an author of Morgantina Studies II), he is also preparing the final publication of nearly one thousand coins recovered in excavations at the site between 1982 and 2012. This will serve as a supplement to Morgantina Studies II: The Coins.

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