Current Research

The main focus of the American excavations is to publish the many decades of data produced from the 1950s to 1980s. We are collaborating with our Sicilian colleagues on several fronts: new displays in the museum; visitors’ itineraries and signage (in Italian and English) on the site; and the preservation and restoration of the many structures and objects from the site.

The American Journal of Archaeology published a series of ‘preliminary reports’ on the excavations, authored by the directors (Sjöqvist, Stillwell, Allen, and Bell)  from 1957 to 1988. The main vehicle for ‘final’ publication of the excavations’ results is the Morgantina Studies series from Princeton University Press. Five volumes have appeared to date; a sixth, Shelley Stone’s publication of the Hellenistic and Roman fine ware pottery, is currently in press.

The many scholars who have worked on Morgantina as collaborators of the excavations have also given scores of papers at conferences, workshops, and universities, and published many articles, over the years since the excavations began in 1955. A bibliography of all publications by the ‘missione americana’ can be found here.

Avenue B, from the east, looking toward the West Hill and Agora